Everyone has a novel inside them depicting their lives, but until now, it has been recorded in boxes of old photos, stored in closets, with no stories attached. Until now, documents, such as living wills, power of attorney and insurance policies needed to be stored in an expensive bank deposit box for which few people knew the whereabouts of the key and/or location of the box. Education certificates, diplomas faded and yellowed in filing cabinets. Medical records were difficult if not impossible to find, especially in an emergency. Medical alert bracelets have been the only immediate reference for critical care information. In the past, the experiences of most life events that made up our existence on earth were either; lost to future family members or paraphrased by subsequent generations, losing much of the richness of the personal life experience.

That was then. This is now! CML will change how the current world looks at the internet and begin to personalize the virtual character that each one of us is and has.